El Titan de Bronze

El Titan de Bronze – Owner Sandy Cobas

Cigar aficionados and tourists alike have been coming to family owned El Titan de Bronze cigar factory in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood for 17 years.

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“Being Cuban, born in Cuba, it’s a part of our heritage,” says owner Sandy Cobas. “Part of our tradition.”

The cigars are all handmade, by Cuban rollers, whom she calls artists. “There’s modern machines, but it’s not a fully handmade cigar,” Cobas explains. “You can’t modernize something that’s so good.” Some of the rollers even bring their tools over from Cuba.

Even in the current economy, Cobas’ cigar business is succeeding. “People, unfortunately, they’re going through a lot, and one of the things that relaxes you is a cigar.”

Word of mouth and confidence in her product has helped Cobas grow the company. “We’re so confident in our product that a customer will come in, and we’ll offer them a cigar to smoke. Instead of selling it to them, we’ll say, ‘Here. Try this cigar, and see if you like it.’ It’s kind of risky because who knows if they’re gonna like it or not,” Cobas says. “But we’re so sure of our product that we give it to you to try before you even buy it.”

Be sure to check out Bonita’s 18th Anniversary Cigars and Bonita’s Time Warp Cigars both of which are rolled at the El Titan de Bronze Factory.

Flor de las Antillas Cigars

It’s always been interesting to me learning how and why cigars are named what they’re named. Over the years we’ve seen lots of Don this and Don that, a huge amount of numbers incorporated in names and very unusual “out of the box” ones. Even our own Time Warp cigars have a reason for their particular name. In this chat with Joaquin, he tells us how Pepin chose the Flor de las Antillas name for this latest cigar blend from My Father Cigars.

The Antilles islands form the larger part of the West Indies in the Caribbean Sea. The group of islands that are considered part of the “Greater Antilles” are Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamiaica, Puerto Rico and the Cayman Islands. Below is a photo of the Flor de las Antillas cigars and the old style artwork chosen for the boxes and bands.

Billy Perdomo and Perdomo Cigars

Billy Perdomo, from Perdomo Cigars, stopped by CigarVlog.com recently and as usual we had not only a good conversation but a couple of outstanding smokes.
Back when the Perdomo “Champagne” line was first being introduced I remember being intrigued by the pale golden cellophane they used to put the finished cigar sticks in. Billy talks about how that particular cellophane sparked up comments which eventually ended up being used as a name for the cigar itself.
Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne cigars

Leave us a comment on whether, in general, you prefer a “Natural” or “Maduro” wrapper on cigars. We’ll choose one winner at random and send them this handsome double guillotine cigar cutter shown below! This fun giveaway will end at midnight on June 21st.

Brick House Cigars by JC Newman Cigars

Another week has rolled around with Father’s Day getting closer! This year it will be Sunday, June 17th. With us today, discussing one of the best value premium cigars out on the market Brick House, is Alan from the JC Newman Cigar Co. JC Newman is America’s oldest family owned premium cigar maker. They create the ultra-premium Diamond Crown and Diamond Crown MAXIMUS to Cuesta-Rey, La Unica, Brick House, El Baton, to value-priced Quorum cigars and Factory 59′s.

From the Brick House website:

In 1937, J.C. Newman launched Brick House to honor his family and heritage. The vintage Brick House cigar label depicts the pastoral setting of J.C. Newman’s childhood home – the only brick house in his village. A place that was not only a home, but it was also the town’s tavern. There, locals and visitors alike gathered nightly to eat, drink, smoke, and enjoy each other’s company. Brick House cigars are premium Nicaraguan puros featuring an exclusive Nicaraguan Havana Subido™ wrapper and Nicaraguan filler for a complex, flavorful premium cigar.

If you’re looking for a well balanced, complex and flavorful cigar, one that won’t “Break the Bank” then we can highly suggest you try Brick House cigars! Flavors rsnge on this from a sweet earthiness to a slight subtle hint of spice. I’d say creamy smooth and toasty too!

Thank you Alan. Always a pleasure visiting with you! Happy Father’s Day to you, Bobby Newman and all the other wonderful dads out there!

To our readers: Leave us a comment about your what some of you favorite times of day are to smoke a cigar and we’ll choose 1 winner at random. That lucky 1 person will win a beautiful ceramic Brick House ashtray! This contest will end at midnight on June 10th, 2012.

Bonita’s 18th Anniversary and Cell Phones

I was filming Willy Herrera, who worked with me blending my first cigar, about how the “Entubado” method of rolling was done. As were talking we kept hearing store bells go off, cell phones ringing, you name it and the video ended up impossible to hear! Rather than even try to post that noisy concert I’d figure I’d take one of the still photos from the video itself and show you what reaction our cigar brings! This is one happy cigar smoker!

Entubado is a special way of rolling tobacco leaves to create a cigar that gives you a smooth effortless draw. Most cigars are made by placing one cigar leaf after the other in folds or on top of each other. That stack is then rolled into a binder and then the wrapper leaf. In the Entubado method each individual tobacco leaf is rolled up in a scroll fashion. The roller then adds the various leaves in a certain order to maintain the cigar’s consistency in flavor according to it’s blend. Those tubes are then rolled in the binder and then finished carefully with the most delicate leaf of all – the wrapper. In my blend, the Bonita 18th Anniversary, we also have what is called a Cuban Triple Cap applied to create the cap. This ensures when you cut it that the cigar won’t unravel on you.

Willy and I were discussing the time and effort it takes to do this time honored method. The rollers that make our Bonita 18th have all been trained, and worked in Cuba for a minimum of four or more years, before coming to the US. ETBCigars only hires those rollers that are certified as Level 9 rollers, which are the most highly skilled, and produce some of the finest cigars made anywhere.

The wrapper is a silken Sumatran, binder Nicaraguan and the filler a combination of well aged Nicaraguan and Dominican. The end result is an elegant, well balanced and flavorful smoke.

Leave us a comment about some of the things you enjoy most about a cigar and we’ll enter you in our CigarVlog drawing! One winner, chosen at random, will receive five of these cigars! Contest ends June 3rd, 2012 so don’t wait!

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Memorial Day 2012`

Every Memorial Day I can’t help but remember one of my favorite aunts. She would make her wonderful egg potato salad and serve it in an amber colored bowl that had been my grandmothers. It was a tradition. The picnic table would be set up in the backyard, my uncle would be Chef of the Day lighting up charcoal, and before you knew it the scent of grilling burgers and chicken would be filling the air. Something about cooking outside that is fantastic. Whether it’s a hot dog at the beach, a picnic lunch, or pretzels on cold day walking down a NYC street, there’s just a certain something about outdoor eating that works it’s culinary magic. The highlight of all this cooking going on in their backyard would begin when everyone was seated around the picnic table. Out would come this potato salad, in this very special bowl, and my aunt’s face would beam as everyone was served. Then? She’d get the bowl and go right back into the house to put it back in the “fridge” as she called it because after all “It has mayonnaise and eggs in it and you can’t leave it out”. I learned to cook from one of the best! Thank you Aunt J. You are in my memory this Memorial Day. You held down the home front when our men went off in WW!!, you never forgot to write them, pray for them, and thankfully welcome them home. Her recipe was lost and the bowl along with it a few years back. I only hope my own version of it, made from memory, (shown above)can hold a candle to hers! I use a green Emile Henry bowl but it’s what’s inside that counts!

Wishing everyone a good, safe, fun filled, cigar smoking, and wonderful Memorial Day!

Remember to keep the mayo cold!

Your comments always welcome!



CAO Cigars “Last Stick Standing”

I happen to love this photo! To me it shows how just how relaxing it is to smoke a great cigar! That’s Ricky Rodriguez on the left.
CAO cigars has been a long time personal favorite of mine and right now they are running a very unique promotion. Featured in this week’s video is Grace, from the General Cigar Company and yours truly from CigarVlog, discussing it. Thank you Grace!

From their site: http://www.caocigars.com
1. Visit your local smoke shop to get a free tri-pack of the unreleased cigars with purchase of any 6 CAO cigars*.
2. Sign in through Facebook or create an account.
3. Rate the cigars at your leisure.

Every time you rate another cigar, the number of entries you receive will double, starting with 2 entries for the first one. You don’t have to rate all three at once, but the sweepstakes ends June 30, so get to rating.

Share your ratings to increase your entries.
After you tell us what you think, tell everyone else what you think and we’ll make it worth your time by further doubling your entries for each rating you share. Rate and share all 3 and you’ll get 64 entries!

Bonita Smoke Shop is a participating retailer of CAO cigars for this promotion.

Many thanks to Grace for helping with this video! Looking forward to what cigar is chosen. Will it be the C? The A? The O? Don’t wait too long tho. As of today there’s only 40 days left to get in on this.

Leave us a comment about how you think our new Vlog is doing so far and we’ll be happy to enter you into our latest giveaway! 1 random winner will be chosen and will receive this super duper red hot momma smokin’ CAO ashtray! Contest ends May 21st!Be sure to follow us on twitter: we are @CigarVlog and we’ll keep you posted on all our new articles and of course any contests going on! Thanks!

Romeo Cigars by Romeo y Julieta

A tasty new cigar, the Romeo cigars by Romeo y Julieta, is just arriving at select cigar shops. Sizes currently being made at this time are a Robusto 5″ x 54, Churchill 7″ x 56, Toro 6″ x 54 and Piramide 6″ 1/8 x 52 We are told that a special team at Tabacalera de Garcia was chosen to create the Romeo cigar due to it’s complexity. Romeo offers you a more full bodied, deeper richer smoke, than the other cigars in the well known Romeo y Juliet line and one of the reasons we think is their use of a Ecuadorian Habano for the wrapper. Substantial ring sizes on all of these show a trend towards a more “Hefty sized” smoke we’ve been seeing more and more of.

Here is what Romeo and Julieta has to say about the tobacco used in the Romeo cigars:

Wrapper: Select Dark Ecuadorian Habano: The natural cloud cover of the Ecuadorian tobacco growing region combined with the rich volcanic soil yields a lovely, supple and well burning leaf. This wrappers are selected for their dark, rich color and robust taste.

Binder: Select Dominican Olor: A specially selected Olor binder is mountain grown. The high humidity and fresh morning breezes result in a naturally sweet binder tobacco which adds balance and character. The alluvial porosity of the soil along with its unique mineral content produces a binder with excellent combustion and a full round flavor.

Filler: Blend of select Domincan Piloto and Olor tobaccos: Specially selected Dominican Piloto tobaccos grown in the south along the winding river beds known for soil rich on minerals. Blended with a special selection of dark Olor tobaccos grown in low lying rich soils combined together for a complex, full bodied blend and a rich tasting cigar with a lovely white ash.

We love having contests and doing giveaways so here’s another one for you. Leave a comment letting us know the first cigar you ever smoked! We will choose 1 winner at random from all entries on May 18th. Winner will receive 5 Romeo cigars plus a Lotus Vertigo laser lighter to fire them up with!

San Lotano Oval Cigars

Once in a while a cigar comes along and the moment you see it, even from a distance, there’s a certain “something” about it that tells me “This is going to be a good one”. Happy to say the San Lotano cigars were just that type cigar! Not a company to sit on their laurels a new maduro has been added to the extremely popular San Lotano Oval Cigars. Here’s Jeff, our sales representative for San Lotano telling me about this new – and soon to be released – cigar. Take it away Jeff!


We will update with more news as we get it on this new blend from AJ Fernandez.

Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated!